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“Omsky Kauchuk” PJSC


Public company «Omsky kauchuk» holds a leading position among Russian producers of synthetic rubber. Many times throughout the whole history production of the plant received high awards, including international prize for achievements in technology and quality of products, certificate of RF “Leader of Russian Economy”, prize “Golden Mercury” for the best performance by sales volume from European Association “Partnership for Progress”, diplomas and medals of international exhibitions “Chemistry”, “Tyres, Mechanical Rubber Goods and Rubbers”. Many times production of the plant won in the contest “Hundred Best Goods”. Its quality is oriented on the EU specification and conforms to it by 100%.

Public Company “Omsky Kauchuk” holds a leading position among Russian manufacturers of synthetic rubber. Cooperation with scientific and research institutes in the sphere of improvement of technologies, complex approach to studying the current state of the petrochemical market and innovative models of growth of production facilities provide dynamic development of the enterprise. 

History of public company «Omsky kauchuk»

Assortment of manufactured products includes synthetic rubbers, organic synthesis products, high-octane additives to motor fuels, liquefied hydrocarbon gases.

Number of working places – more than 3000.


Production & services

Synthetic latexes

Butadiene methyl-styrene rubbers

Normal butane

Mixture of technical propane and technical butane

Technical butane

Technical propane

Methyl tertiary-butyl ether (MTBE)

Alpha-methyl styrene

Isopropylbenzene hydroperoxide (hyperiz)

Isopropylbenzene technical

Propylene fraction

General meeting of members
Highest organ of administration

Board of directors
Collective organ of administration
Chairman of the Board of Director of OJSC “Omsky Kauchuk” – Sutyaginsky Mikhail.  
The board
Collective executive organ
Director General of OJSC “Omsky Kauchuk” – Komarov Nikolay
Sole executive organ
Contact Information:
Address: 644035, Russian Federation, Omsk, prospekt Gubkina 30
Phone / Fax: + 7 (3812) 63-08-09, 64-10-11

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Contact Information:
Phones: +7 (3812) 29-95-55, 35-69-31
Fax: +7 (3812) 35-69-32
Address: 644035, Russia, Omsk 22, Gubkin str.
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