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Omsk Polypropylene Plant Company “Poliom” Ltd

Production & services

Major Profile:

Limited company “Poliom” was established on 14 May, 2005. The plant was built by Basell company technology; technological equipment was supplied by the Tecnimont company. The production process uses advanced global developments which allow to carry out virtually wasteless production cycle.

The enterprise’s capacity is 210 000 t of polypropylene per year. Assortment of manufactured goods includes 98 grades of polypropylene (homo-, stat-, blockcopolymer).

The plant also has a propane propylene fraction processing unit of 250 000 t per year capacity which supplies the major enterprise with feedstock – propylene with high degree of polymerization purity and concentration.

Number of working places exceeds 400.

  Polypropylene is a crystalline thermoplastic polymer without color and odor. In its natural state it is transparent, but can be easily pigmented into several colors and shades. Flexibility and universality of the product allow to apply it in any climatic zone. Polypropylene and its copolymers are used for the making of sewer and water pipes, fittings, automotive parts, domestic appliances, various packaging. It is also used in the making of disposable tableware, packaging film, paper for wrapping of foods.

General meeting of members
Highest organ of administration

Board of directors
Collective organ of administration
Board of Directors Chairman of the Board of Directors of "Poliom" LLC – Komyshan Sergey Valentinovich Governing board 
General Director of "Poliom" LLC – Evdokimov Pavel Olegovich
Individual executive body
Contact Information:
Address:644035, Omsk, Krasnoyarsky tract, 137
Phone / Fax:+7 (3812) 92-54-77, 92-54-81

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Contact Information:
Phones: +7 (3812) 29-95-55, 35-69-31
Fax: +7 (3812) 35-69-32
Address: 644035, Russia, Omsk 22, Gubkin str.
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