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Ecology and Safety

Management of Group of Companies “Titan” enterprises acknowledges its responsibility before society on creation of favorable and safe conditions of labor for workers, preservation of environment, rational use of natural resources.

Provision of safe conditions of labor for workers, safeguarding their health and life, minimization of negative influence on environment and of hazardous production factors on population, which lives in the areas of Group of Companies “Titan” enterprises, are the priority issues, solved during the execution of industrial activity. In the sphere of industrial safety, labor protection and environment preservation enterprises of the company follow requirements of Russian legislation, normative-legal acts of Omsk region as a subject of Russian Federation, and also rules of international law. On the enterprises system of management in the field of labor protection and safety technics and system of ecological management are successfully functioning. They were designed in full conformity with current Russian legislation, on the base of the best national and foreign practice and passed certification on conformity with requirements of international standards ISO 14001 and BS OHSAS 18001.

The highest management formulated their obligations in the sphere of ecology and labor protection in Politics of Management which is adopted for realization:

• to maintain in working condition and constantly increase effectiveness of management system certified on conformity with ISO 14001, BS OHSAS 18001;
• to provide introduction of innovations considering application of resource-saving technologies, efficient management of wastes, including their secondary processing during the making of new kinds of goods;
• to prevent breach of legislation and other obligatory requirements adopted in the sphere of quality, ecology, labor protection and industrial safety;
• to provide priority of planning and realization of activities, aimed at prevention of influence of hazardous factors on the workers and population living in the area of Group of Companies enterprises, minimization of influence on environment.

Aims in the sphere of ecology and labor protection are set subject to significant ecological aspects and results of risk assessment for workers revealed on the enterprise. For successful achievement of goals and tasks one designs plans of activities and programs on their achievement, which define necessary resources, deadlines and responsible persons.

Within management system in the sphere of labor protection and safety technics one has developed maps of risk assessment for working places of each subdivision, risk levels and also control measures in order to exclude or reduce their influence on the workers are detected. Planning and control of operations is executed in respect of identified relevant ecological aspects. Each year evaluation of correspondence to applicable legislative requirements is carried out during analysis of management system by the company management.

Evaluation of relevant risks, connected with exploitation of dangerous industrial objects, is carried out within the framework of declaration of industrial safety in time constraints set by the legislation and in accordance with definite conditions of its revision. Risk assessment is conducted on the basis of statistical data, modeling of emergency situations, application of scientifically-grounded quantitative methods of analysis.
Works, conducted in the process of construction, comply with requirements of current legislation, designing and working documentation, urban design code and land legislation.

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