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Employees of «Poliom» improve the production ecology

7 September 2018

Upon the initiative of employees, atechnical solution was introduced in 2018, at the joint venture of GC «Titan», «Gazprom-Neft» and SIBUR. Such solution aimed at resource saving, reducing the effect on the environment and increasing production efficiency.

Due to the secondary use of energy resources, the implemented technical measure allowed to refuse from spendingof an additional 600 Gcal of vapor per year and to obtain a significant economic and environmental effect.

Upon the initiative of three engineers, one of the heat exchangers in the department of propane-propylene fraction (PPF) processingwas switched from the water vapor, which comes from outside, to the condensate from "Poliom" PPF unit, while maintaining all the regulatory parameters.

Omsk specialized contracting organizations wereengaged into design and installation of the new system under the order of "Poliom".

«To implement the technical solution, it was necessary to perform a minimum scope of works: to run 50 meters of a new pipeline section and install an additional isolation valves, said Yuriy Suvorov, deputy head of the workshop for processing, storage and shipment of liquefied hydrocarbons. - For the first 6 months, the application of the heat exchanger operation design has confirmed its effectiveness and provided a specified resource-saving effect».

This successful experience will be implemented also in other departments of the enterprise. At present, it is planned to switch two more exchangers from the water vapor to the condensate at the workshop of polypropylene production. Inventors of ideas were encouraged with a financial rewards.The proposal was applied within the program of engineering thought stimulating at the plant "Improvement by a small steps". The program was adopted at the enterprise last year. Only in 2017 "Poliom" employees submitted 219 proposals, 66 of which were realized. About a quarter of submitted ideas are aimedat resource saving and environmentalization of the production. All ideas, regardless of the decision, are registered in the Unified Fund of Ideas, and authors receive a feedback.


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